CoD MW3: SMG Review

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This week I will be covering the Sub Machine Gun (SMG) portion of the weapons of Modern Warfare 3. I am sure many people will find that this is the category of guns that they use most and will find this information the most helpful. I want to go ahead and let you all know that I am not much of a SMG user as I favor Snipers and Assault Rifles, but I have more than familiarized myself with each and every gun in this category. The key thing about the SMG’s is simply the mobility and fire rate, as well as the medium range of combat. A major weakness with the SMG class is simply and obviously the range, but you do have the ultimate control of medium and close range combat with these guns. Again, all numbers presented are on a scale of 10o and keep in mind that all SMG’s are fully automatics.


MP5 This is the first SMG that will be in your arsenal, unlocking at level 4. The MP5 shoots a pretty standard damage bullet with 42 damage close and 20 long range and starts out with a 30 bullet clip. Although this gun is the first of the category, you will not see this weapon on the battlefield nearly as much as the other starter weapon, the UMP45. The range of the MP5 is an average 40 and the accuracy is a mere 50, which is most average with the SMG’s. The fire rate is 72, which is also pretty average for the SMG class. The recoil of this gun is 6.0, which is a bit on the high side as far as the rest of the SMG’s go. This weapon is a very average gun that you wont see very often. There aren’t many strengths to this weapon but there aren’t any major weaknesses either. Pretty average and not really a good way to start off the SMG class. My setup for this gun, as with most weapons, is the attachments silencer/extended magazine. With the high fire rate of these weapons and the low accuracy, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down on the reload. Especially if your not using slight of hand, which I don’t use unless I am sniping.


UMP45 The UMP45, one of the most notorious and reigning SMG’s of the Modern Warfare series. As the second of the starter weapons, you will see this weapon is very popular among players. The close range damage is 49, which puts it at the top of the list for the SMG’s, but the long range is only 17, which is the lowest on the list. Although the long range bullets don’t do very much damage, the UMP holds the furthest range of 50. The UMP’s fire rate is only 60, but with only 32 bullets in a clip, you will see the bullets spill out of the barrel. The UMP also holds the highest accuracy rating among the SMG’s with a rating of 70, but also has a high recoil of 6.0. The UMP’s weaknesses can be seen in its long range distance damage and fire rate being the lowest among the SMG class, but with substantially high statistics than the other guns, the UMP does a fantastic job of cleaning up the battlefield. I like to use (again) extended magazine/silencer combo.


PP90M1 Ah yes, the squirt gun. This weapon is unlocked at level 28 and holds 36 rounds in a clip. With close range damage coming up at an average 42 and long range at a low 17, the PP is a relatively average gun. Recoil is a bit lower than the rest at 5.5 and the accuracy along with the range are a mere 40. The one thing that makes this gun stand out above the rest is the extremely high fire rate of 90. Other than that, the gun is pretty standard, but is used quite often in Modern Warfare 3. The average statistics keep this gun as one of the less used SMG’s, but the low level requirement and high fire rate make it as popular as it appears. I usually run a silencer with range on this weapon just to help me get the damage I need in, but this isn’t really a favorite of mine.


P90 Another very popular gun with the Call of Duty series, the P90 is unlocked at level 38 and has an outstanding clip of 50 bullets. The P90 puts out 42 close range and 20 long range damage, with an average range of 40. This gun has a relatively high accuracy of 60 and a decent fire rate of 70. Although the recoil is 5.5, the P90 isn’t seen very much on the battlefield as far as other SMG’s go. This gun doesn’t have very much of a weakness, but its strengths show in the height of its statistics. This is one of my favored SMG’s when playing. I usually put attachments with silencer/rapid fire on this weapon only because the clip is so deep to begin with.


PM9 The PM9 is unlocked at level 56 and has a 32 round clip. This weapon only has 35 close range damage and 20 long range damage with a range of 40. While the accuracy is only 40, the main strong point this gun has is its fire rate of 95, the highest of not only the SMG’s but the whole game’s guns. While the fire rate is outrageous, so is the recoil. The recoil of this gun is 7.0, matching only 2 other guns in the game with such a high recoil (excluding sniper rifles). This gun is rarely seen on the battlefield simply because its only major strength is its fire rate, but even with a fire rate of mach-jesus, it is hardly controllable with such a high recoil and low accuracy not to mention you will need to reload in about a second. For my setup I try to run range with a silencer to add some distance and knock off the recoil, but my recommendation is pick a different gun.


MP7 Last but not least we have the MP7. Unlocking at level 72, the MP7 holds a comfortable 40 bullet clip. The close range damage is only 35 and long range come in at 20. The range and accuracy again match up at 40, which doesn’t say much about the MP7. One key thing the MP7 has is its fire rate, which sits at 79, pretty high up on the list, but not so high that you find yourself reloading every 0.8-1 second. This weapon has some weakness in the damage and maybe a bit in the accuracy, but don’t count it out just yet. A major if not amazing strength this weapon has is it’s recoil, which is only 3.0, among the lowest in the game. This allows for players who can adapt to be able to put those extra 3-4 bullets into enemies who are further away in order to snag the kill. This weapon is widely seen on the battlefield among the SMG and also dominates above many if not all other SMG’s. My setup for this weapon usually consists of range proficiency with a silencer or extended magazine, depending on the game type.

With the final SMG being presented, we can look back at the SMG list and see that for the most part these weapons are pretty good. There are a few stray dogs that don’t fit in well with the pack, but they can easily be ignored for the better weapons at either 80 or in private matches. The top 3 that seem to be popular online currently are the MP7 taking the top position, the UMP coming in second and the PP90M1 coming in third. As much as I find killing with a squirt gun entertaining, I don’t particularly use it. Seeing as most if not all of my setups use the iron sights, I am not a big fan of the sights on the PP90M1. My personal list leaves the MP7 on top, but puts the P90 above the UMP. As much as the UMP deserves it’s spot at second, it has always been a very powerful gun in Modern Warfare 2 and 3 and I believe it to be overused. I toyed around with the rapid fire attachment on many guns and found that there was just to much firing going on at medium/long ranges for it. Fire rate is important, but accuracy can be just as deadly. That finishes off our SMG review for this week, next week we will be looking into the LMG category and checking out those deep clips and heavy fire power.

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