Call of Duty Title Update(s) and Hot Fixes

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The Title update for Call of Duty dropped the other day and we now have all those details! Just in case you guys don’t know, this is the 8th title update for Call of Duty, but one of the only ones with a plethora of changes. Not only did they do some updating to the servers/game/etc, they also released the DLC content that Premium Elite members will be receiving all from now until September. I will cover the previous Title Updates as well as the most recent one.

TU1: An update to enable everything (vault/theater/Private Match/etc.) before the games release.

TU2: Slight Matchmaking improvements and Youtube stream improvements.

TU3: Improvements to Theater, Lag, and hot fixes.

TU4: Changes to Lag and address hitching.

TU5: Further improvements to Lag and address hitching.

TU6: Improve host migration, address hitching, and prevent stat loss when player disconnects. Also, fix clan tags (buttons) and melee jump.

TU7: Tweaks to game based on feedback and changes to hot fixes. More lag compensation/host disadvantage changes to make it even.

TU8: This will be the Update many people will be looking for. I don’t have the exact statistics for the gun changes yet, but when I find them they will be released. This update is out for Xbox Live and in certification for PSN, but will be out shortly on all consoles.

Network Enhancements, Theater improvements, more improvements to host disadvantage and lag compensation. Youtube speed increased from 32k to 256k. Nerf to all akimbo weapons, reducing the fire rate. Shotgun changes (nerf to Striker and buff to all others). Fix prestige tokens not showing up after prestiging and fix to games played stat to reset after prestiging.

Hot Fixes

  • No recoil glitch fixed.
  • Infinite Laptop glitch (Stealth Bomber).
  • Map exploits (under maps/into trucks/etc).
  • Prevention of slow-mo and super speed lobbies.
  • Fire rate normalized for AR’s with under mounts.
  • FMG-9 nerf.
  • Type 95 nerf (reduce hip spread).
  • Fix ACR with Red dot/shotgun.
  • Fix Type 95 bug to drop gun.
  • Fix Dome exploits.
  • PS3 hit marker sound.
  • Semtex no longer 1 hit kill on Juggernaut when Direct Impacted (Stuck).
  • Balances to skill level on matchmaking (weighted) and improve low population regions.
  • Improvements to Spawn Logic and Spawn System.
  • Fix for Proficiency’s across all guns.
Current Fixes in Progress
  • More Spawn System changes.
  • Improvement to PS3 mic quality.
  • HD videos on PS3.
  • Default Start timer to :30 for System Link as well as adjustable timer for competition.
  • Option to “unlock all” for System Link for competition.

So among all the game balancing they are doing, it looks like Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer want Call of Duty to end up on the Pro Circuit. This will make this years season very interest with Halo, Call of Duty (probably PS3), and Gears. All this information can be found at, a post on the Call of Duty website.

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  1. Stephen Clark says:

    It’s funny because the shotguns and akimbos behave exactly the same to me.

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